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Magento 2 is a powerful yet complicated platform, it’s built for medium to big size businesses. It’s not easy to use Magento 2 like other open-source platforms like WordPress or Joomla. When using Magento 2, you may encounter many bugs, or you may want to add some customized functions to your store. However, there’re not many trusted sources for finding such Magento 2 resources.

That’s why I created Magentip.com, a dedicated Magento 2 blog for Magento 2 users, including both storeowners and Magento 2 developers.

At Magentip.com, I want to share all the tips and tricks I found during the use of Magento 2. However, with just my little contribution, Magentip can’t cover all the topics related to Magento 2. That’s why I welcome high-quality guess posts about Magento 2

My primary goal is to deliver pure quality content about Magento 2 only. I would be honored to have you sharing your knowledge on your recent Magento 2 project, or thing you have learned during the use of Magento 2.

Before getting in touch with your idea, please read this information. It will greatly improve your chances of being accepted.

Type of article we accept on Magentip.com

We accept Magento 2 related articles only. If you follow Magentip, you can find out that I love the following topics:

  • Fixing Magento 2 bugs
  • Tutorial on adding new features, or customizing existing features to Magento 2
  • Long-form tutorial: Long-form articles that really digging into a subject of Magento 2. A reference piece that people will return to time and time again
  • Review on Magento 2 products like Magento 2 extensions, themes

We do have sponsored post options for companies who would like to increase their visibility while sponsoring great content.

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Article guideline

Below are articles guidelines on Magentip.com:

  • The article is 100% unique (not published anywhere).
  • Must be about Magento 2.
  • Must be more than 1200 words.
  • Visitors of our blog must find your article very helpful.

Your benefit

You will get backlinks for your website, credit for your Author profile.

Feel free to contact me and let me know what you will write about at magentip@gmail.com

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